The Vision

"Rise Token’s vision is to provide global accessible platform to invest in, buy, sell, rent and even register, issuance of insurance for real estates across the world. This allows you to step into real estate business easily, remotely and globally. Rise will enable industry to seamlessly interact each other using blockchain technology".

What is Rise Token

Rise Token will provide global access for those who wants to participate in real estate market. This is because Rise Token (XRT) is based on Ethereum network and provide decentralised infrastructure. By doing so, it will accelerate the chance to meet vendors, buyers and agents in one platform. This industry is still dominated by old technology and has huge space to be disrupted. Rise Token holder can also get benefits from revenue share from the business itself.


How Does It Works

In RiseToken, the token is issued and used in the following flow, revenue is raised, it is distributed / reduced.

It uses a technical specification called ERC20 to issue a token. That runs on the Ethernet.

The issued token is called RISE Token. This Token is used for various purposed, and it generates profit.

By holding the RISE Token, it becomes possible to access the RISE System to be provided this time.


RISE Token is used as a ultility token on platforms that will be partnered in the future. Also, 1 token correlates to 1 USDT.

rise token estate

RISE Token is an asset back token. In other words, it becomes a token with collateral for real estate. By possessing a token it will be a partial real estate owner.

Rise System

Rise System is multi currency crypto E-wallet. It will be connected to Ethereum network. Token holders can manage their tokens as well as BTC and other currencies (ETH, XRP, BCH are on the waiting list). In the near future, we will release Rise Card which is international branded prepaid card. Token holders can deposit the profit share and withdraw from ATMs or use it for shopping.

Ethereum Network

It is a functional coin that describes contract information (smart contract) rather than transaction information in its own block chain.

Rise Card

We are going to issue a Visa / Master prepaid card that can be charged directly with a bitcoin, and can be used around the world.

Rise Card

RiseToken plans to handle not only Bitcoin but also cryptographic currencies such as ETH, Ripple etc in the future.

Rise Card

You can receive some of the revenue from RiseToken on AirDrop.

Rise Card

Token Sale Detail

Token name will be Rise Token and smart contract name will be XRT. This token will profit you from activities of the fund in proportion to the number of holding tokens. The initial number of tokens is set at 30,000,000. The start rate of one token is set at nearly equivalent to 1 USDT.

1 XRT Token sold at $1.00
Token Sale Target
30,000,000 XRT
Max. Supply Limit Of Tokens Available For Sale
200,000,000 XRT
All unsold tokens will be burned.
Tokens Created
500,000,000 XRT
Min Cap in Tokens
1,000,000 XRT (one million)
Token Price
1.00 USDT
Ticker Symbol

ICO Fund Usage

Asset Purchase

We invest 70% of RiseToken's funds mainly for real estate. We will distribute part of real estate revenue to RiseToken holders by Airdrop.

Marketing and Dev Fee

We use 30% of RiseToken as marketing expenses for user attraction and system development cost.

Real Estate × Blockchain

CryptoCurrency and Blockchain technology is an innovative technology. It will definitely change our lives.
However, it can be said that the utilization of block chain technology is still in its early stages.
It will cover a variety of industries, as well as the financial industry, as well as from the distribution industry to e-commerce,education,public records, music, real estate industry as well.
We believe that real estate is the foundation of people's lives. Introducing block chain technology into this real estate industry will bring about a revolution. I believe that we can bring an unprecedented experience.
It starts with real estate investment, P2P Realestate selling,real estate registration, even real estate loans.

image curve 01


Applying for a home loan involves a lot paper work, a lot of third parties and confusing fees that you’re not entirely sure why you’re paying.
Blockchain mortgages could eliminate the costs and inefficiencies of third party intermediaries like the banks, giving you a much smoother and cheaper home loan process.

image curve 02

P2P Lending

Significantly reduced fees for both the tenant and lessor & minimized possibility of fake reviews and forged ratings, which plagues existing centralized services such as Airbnb and Booking.

image curve 03


Tokenize real estate, speed up real estate transactions and eliminate fraud with block chain technology.

image curve 04

Real Estate Registration

The current real estate registry information, the government etc. are administrators. It ensures the accuracy and safety of registration information.
Utilizing block chains, we can streamline cost reduction and registration procedures.
It also improves the security of real estate contract.

Real Estate Attorney & Appraisers

Used real estate in the United States is often set up mortgage and other security interests. In other words, because it has the property of picking up things against the intent of the obligor, it often happens that the obligor will not let go. For this reason, there are also third-party interventions such as occupiers, and in some cases, the act of abandonment of real estate such as suicide or arson, etc. Even if acquired, do not leave voluntarily, finally enforce enforcement There are not many cases that you have to get rid of. On the contrary, in order to lower the value of the building aiming at harassment to the creditors or bidding in the name of another person, the content may be fake lease contracts. In other words, while understanding the mortgage condition deeply, it is necessary to acquire from the selection of the property based on the field experience. Because there are various contracts at this time, it is a key to success whether to combine with a lawyer who is familiar with real estates in secondhand real estate.


Blockchain Tech Team

Our team has years of combined Blockchain experience, most of us being engaged in implementations of new use cases, smart contracts.


Real Estate Blockchain Related News

Team Member

Founder / Yuichi Ito

Yuichi graduated from NUS MBA program. Experienced professional with a history of working in the real estate industry in Hawaii especially in judicial and non-judicial foreclosure areas. Yuichi is also a crypto investor. Once he has discovered crypto as the future of the money, he has been investing in many cryptos in early stages including Ethereum, bitcoin and ripple.


2016 - Start RiseToken

Since the law of block chain and encryption currency is newly few with expert knowledge of law, a special team started legal setup.

2016 - Legal Setup

Rise Token project started. In order to make RISEToken successful, we created a specialist team, analyzing the real estate market.

2017 - ERC20

We have developed RISEToken exclusive wallet and set up RISE token in ERC 20 standard.

2017 - Marketing

ICOSale marketing has been started.

2018 - Start ICO Sale

ICO will be Started for RISE token start-up.

2018 - AirDrop

Perform first AirDrop of the RISE token. By accumulating achievements, we will have more users participate.